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buildingSMART Australasia works with key Australian and New Zealand government and industry leaders to proactively facilitate the use of open standards, collaborative processes and integrated practices in the building and construction industry.  buildingSMART Australasia (bSA) develops standards, tools and training to drive the adoption of openBIM so the sector can realise cheaper, greener, and more efficient buildings and infrastructure.   bSA hosts technical working groups, creates standards, runs workshops, recognises BIM practitioner skills and conducts research. bSA is also developing stronger relations with the national BIM user groups – The BuildSA, MelBIM, BrisBIM, SydBIM,  BIMWest, BIM_AK and  BIMSiNZ meetings bring together an enthusiastic community of professionals using BIM.

buildingSMART Austria unites the relevant organizations and partners from the areas of planning, construction and operation with the focus on the common goal: sustainably supporting the transition to digital construction and maintaining and expanding national and international competitiveness.  buildingSMART Austria works closely with its sister organizations in Germany and Switzerland to increase the speed of development of individual projects. This cooperation across the borders also brings the association world of VDI, DIN, Gefma, SIA etc. closer together.

buildingSMART Benelux is an association for members from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.  The aim of the association is to promote the application of open BIM standards as a means of interoperability and integration of the building process.  The association seeks to spread knowledge about the open BIM standards IFC, IFD and IDM as well as contribute to the development of these international standards.  It also promotes application of the standards in software by IT partners and use by supply chain partners.

buildingSMART Brazil is formed under the BIM FÓRUM BRASIL (BFB) and has a vision to promote the social, environmental, and economic benefits of open standards for infrastructure and building information in Brazil. BFB is a national, neutral, non-profit civil association that brings together the various agents of the construction industry to make a positive impact on the local market by supporting the growing demand for BIM.

The Canadian chapter of buildingSMART International has been established to provide the appropriate body and home for Canadian BIM Standards Development through participation in the development of international BIM standards as the voice of the Canadian marketplace and to promote the awareness of buildingSMART International (bSI) within Canada.  buildingSMART Canada (bSC) is a council of the Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC) advocates for more collaborative approaches to project delivery based on building information modeling (BIM) tools, technologies and processes that are aligned with other similar initiatives currently under way around the globe.  bSC has developed a roadmap to prompt, guide and sustain this transformation.

buildingSMART Croatia works with the Croatian Association for Construction Management as a voluntary, non-profit association that gathers engineers, experts, scientists, researchers, and professors who act and work in the field of construction management, is positioned as one of the leading organizations for the improvement and digitalization of the construction industry. For more than 30 years association promotes best practices and construction innovations through the work of its members and the organization of international construction conferences.


buildingSMART Czech Republic is a part of the Czech BIM Council (czBIM) established in 2011. czBIM as a professional Non-governmental Non-profit organization brings together experts from private and public companies and academia. The association protects and promotes the interests not only of its members but of the entire private sector, ensures that the implementation of BIM in the Czech Republic is transparent and that experience and needs from real practice are reflected. buildingSMART Czech Republic is an independent platform for the popularization, promotion, standardization, and development of the openBIM principles in the Czech Republic. buildingSMART Czech Republic's primary role is to connect local  openBIM efforts with the international community and vice versa.

China Construction Technology Group is a central technology-based enterprise with extensive business and strong strength in urban and rural construction in China. It integrates building standards and standard design, urban and rural planning, architectural engineering design and engineering. It is a national high-tech enterprise with general contracting, technical consultation and product manufacturing and installation. It has a high reputation in the construction industry and has an important influence in the country.

buildingSMART Denmark The Danish chapter, buildingSMART Denmark, provides support to the digital journey of the Danish AEC industry and the built environment. By developing and standardizing the open exchange of data, we are ensuring transparent and accessible data across the AEC value chain, as well as defining and standardizing the associated work process. In collaboration with industry professionals, we focus on extending knowledge and application of openBIM across the industry on an operational level, as well as by communicating the value and potential of openBIM to business, policy, and government decision makers.

buildingSMART Finland is a collaboration forum and network founded by Finnish Property Owners, A/E Consultants, Software Vendors and Construction Companies. BuildingSMART Finland is hosted by Building information foundation RTS sr in Finland.

The Forum aims to disseminate information on BIM and support its member companies for implementing the BIM-based processes.​ The goal is to help the member companies to recognize the benefits of BIM and help them to develop and implement BIM-based business. Another aim is to promote the dialogue between the software vendors and end users. Our mission is to maintain the competitiveness and the development in BIM related business among Finnish companies. Forum offers a platform for these activities to our members.

buildingSMART France’s, Mediaconstruct's, mission is to support the digital transition, via BIM, of all construction nationwide.  buildingSMART France brings together institutions, users and publishers, thus becoming a unique place for dialogue and consensual work for all professionals. From a perspective of digital continuity, buildingSMART France aims to facilitate the appropriation of BIM processes and interoperable digital technologies, intended for all professional actors entering the value chain of construction, building operation and infrastructure throughout the lifecycle. Subjects followed by the association include standardization around SmartBuilding technologies, SmartBuilding and SmartCities connection, BIM and IoT relationships, the extension of BIM to Infrastructure, IFC and GIS relationships, and more.

buildingSMART Germany has been part of the international buildingSMART movement for more than 20 years. The focus is the up-to-date organizational, procedural and technical support of digital processes in the entire construction value creation chain with the goal of an open, i.e. manufacturer- and product-independent working method. Association membership is open to all businesses, research and educational institutions, public sector agencies and private individuals involved in construction: planners, contractors, operators, product manufacturers, private and public builders, government agencies, software manufacturers and other service providers.

buildingSMART India is formed under the Confederation of Digital Construction Practitioners India (CDCPIndia). Founded in 2020, CDCPIndia is an Indian National Society for BIM & Inclusive Digitalization. CDCPIndia is a non-government organization, a not-for-profit, non-commercial and vendor neutral National society registered under The Societies Registration Act, 1860 and The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950. CDCPIndia has been conceived and brought to life by a group of dedicated & experienced professionals from various regions of India in the field of digitalization of built environment. The primary mission of CDCPIndia is to Inspire, collaborate and advance Digital processes & technologies in the Indian infrastructure and construction sector. CDCPIndia has also evolved a strategic framework for inclusive digitalization – “The INDIA Strategy”. The philosophy of “Democratization of Data” and having “Empathy for all implementing Stakeholders” is at the core of “The INDIA strategy” (I-Inspiring Community, N-National Mandate, D-Democratization of Data, I – Incentivize, A – Aid).

buildingSMART Italy, IBIMI, is a national and international reference point for the promotion of open BIM.  It is an association of professionals with the aim of spreading in Italy methods and professionalism of digitization of the construction industry.  Spreading the BIM culture means to bring innovation in the entire building supply chain, contributing not only to improving and increasing the productivity of all the professionals involved in construction work but also reducing costs for clients, owners and tenants.

buildingSMART Japan works to enable interoperability through data sharing in the building lifecycle. Developing higher levels of information with computing, aiming to create standards, allowing data sharing between software and applications are the aims of buildingSMART Japan’s work.  Specifically, throughout the lifecycle of the project, bSJ promotes the definition, use and promotion of the specification of shared data used in each industry and software applications.

buildingSMART Korea aims to promote research and application of BIM in the KOREA building and construction industries.  The association is a private industry representative organization for promoting the research, dissemination and application of BIM and advanced construction IT in the field of the construction industry in Korea. It aims to revitalize Korea through application in the construction industry and various policy suggestions and to contribute to the development of the international construction industry and public welfare through participation and contribution.    The activities of the association are largely focused on three main axes: practical application research, securing element technology and organizational activities. The association contributes to the activation of domestic BIM through short and long-term promotion plans, and by providing various policy proposals and participating in international standard activities.

buildingSMART Morocco operates as MY AFRICAN COMPETITION (M.A.C), a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 2018, which brings together experts in various fields related to technology and innovation to provide sustainable and innovative solutions to complex problems related to Architecture and Urban Planning across Africa. M.A.C strongly believes in the potential of innovation and technological development for smart, sustainable and resilient African cities..

buildingSMART Norway is a neutral arena for innovation and digitization of the building, construction and property industries.  The association works for Smarter information sharing - for a sustainable built environment.  This makes the whole industry more profitable and resource-conscious.  buildingSMART Norway works to identify the need for new open BIM standards to be created, nationally and internationally, which will make the industry pace and cooperate better and inform about resources and good examples of usage. buildingSMART Norway organizes the industry in professional user groups and in the Interdisciplinary User Forum that handles interdisciplinary issues.

buildingSMART Poland provides an open and neutral arena for highly skilled industry professionals to contribute to the topic of openBIM. Through its industry association and strong membership engagement, buildingSMART Poland aims to transform the built asset industry in its market. As a newly approved Chapter, buildingSMART Poland aims to deliver more value through a collection of resources that includes European construction sector reports, BIM use case studies and membership policies and regulations.

buildingSMART Portugal is a non-profit association, which participated in an Iberian chapter of buildingSMART International until 2009. Reinstated as an independent Developing Chapter in 2022, buildingSMART Portugal is deeply rooted in the construction industry. The main objectives and initiatives are intended to serve this industry by contributing to its standardization and modernization, and contribute to the effective interconnection between the different actors in the construction industry throughout its lifecycle.

The Romanian Chapter of buildingSMART International, BIMTECH, is a non-profit association founded in 2016 that unites urban planners, architects, engineers, consultants, companies, organizations, institutions, academics and other construction professionals under the openBIM concept, promoting 3 main "pilons": collaboration, technology and standardization. BIMTECH has a strong belief that these are the basics to optimize, reduce the risks and improve the sustainability of the construction sector. Their focus has always been creating a bridge between the local and international communities, to adapt and adopt world-wide recognized, tried-and-tested BIM strategies, protocols and standards.

buildingSMART Singapore is an alliance of the building industry including: architects, engineers, contractors, building owners and facility managers, software vendors, government agencies and universities.  Its mission is to integrate the AEC/FM industry by specifying Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) as a universal language to improve the communication, productivity, delivery time, cost, and quality throughout the design, construction, operation and maintenance life cycle of buildings.  buildingSMART Singapore is committed to taking advantage of the collective power of the industry to produce a standard for communication which will propel it into the future promoting collaborative efforts and global expansion.

buildingSMART Slovenia is a part of siBIM, Slovene BIM association, established in 2015 with the aim to gather all interested parties in the area of digitalization of the built environment in the Republic of Slovenia, an EU member state, in a central, non-profit, open and neutral organization. siBIM developed an Action Plan for the Introduction of Digitalization for the Built Environment in the Republic of Slovenia, contracted by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenia, which is a base for further built environment digitalization. buildingSMART Slovenia’s primary role is to connect local open BIM efforts with the international community.

buildingSMART Spain’s main objective is to promote efficiency in the construction sector through the use of open interoperability standards on BIM to reach new levels in cost and time reduction. execution and increased quality.  The Association is formed by all agents of the construction sector: Promoters / Investors, Construction Companies, Engineering, Architecture Studies, Software Developers, Facility and Project Managers, Research Centers, Manufacturers of Products and Materials, Universities and Public Administrations.  It develops open and neutral BIM standards, accelerates interoperability in the construction sector through success stories, provides specification, documentation, and reference guides and identifies and solves problems that impede the exchange of information.

buildingSMART Sweden operates under the BIM Alliance which was formerly part of the buildingSMART Nordic Hub. The Chapter is a non-profit organisation that has over 200 members that contribute to national and international standards for the built asset industry. Stakeholder groups cover infrastructure, facilities management, buildings and material, energy and environmental. The Chapter also contributes to the Smart Built Environment project which aims to enhance performance of the buildings sector.

buildingSMART Switzerland is the leader in the digital transformation of the Swiss construction and real estate industry and includes institutions, associations and companies along the entire value chain. The aim is to enable digitization and thus end-to-end cooperation of all stakeholders throughout the life cycle of a property. buildingSMART Switzerland develops practicable instruments that can be used by all in the construction and real estate industry and, using best practices, demonstrates concretely the benefits of digital transformation. The national cooperation with organizations with similar concerns takes place within the framework of

buildingSMART Türkiye is established as the focal point for BIM in the country and promotes digitalisation in the sector. With the mission to "be the driving force of the Turkish construction industry”, the Chapter wants to help grow and promote the creation and implementation of open standards in their country. By adding leadership and vision, buildingSMART Türkiye is solution-oriented and focused on the benefits of BIM to all stakeholders as a means of improving the sector.

buildingSMART UK & Ireland, (bSUKI) as part of nima (formerly the UK BIM Alliance), represents and works with and for the built and natural environment industry. We facilitate the drive to digitally transform the industry through education, leadership and focus. In an industry of over 4M people, where 95% work in SMEs, or micro-SMEs, our mission is to ensure that all understand and benefit from, the value of a digital enabled industry. Together, nima and bSUKI inspire, influence, connect, support and transform the industry to bring to fruition, our ultimate vision of a thriving and sustainable built and natural environment, transformed by exploiting purpose-drive interoperable data.

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buildingSMART United Arab Emirates (UAE) is hosted by the Dubai Municipality which aims to promote and support digital transformation in the building and construction sector in the UAE through the adoption and development of open standards. It also aims to participate actively in the various buildingSMART technical rooms, especially those related to buildings, regulations and automated code compliance checking, infrastructure, BIM-GIS integration, and digital twins. To achieve its vision, the chapter cooperates with all government entities, private companies, and educational institutions in the UAE to raise awareness of openBIM benefits and standards by organizing workshops, conferences and overseeing training programs for participants from the UAE and the broader region. The chapter also plans to provide localized openBIM information in Arabic.

buildingSMART USA supports and promotes the use of openBIM standards. The mission of the Chapter is to explore technological and delivery innovation and performance improvement through building information modelling and new means of collaboration, to improve the design and construction industry through education and the development of best practices for these innovations, and to help implement these innovations into the broad AEC industry.  The US Chapter supports the use of open BIM standards throughout the industry in a long-term effort to drive towards fully digitized information exchanges.

Hong Kong Alliance of Built Asset & Environment Information Management Associations (HKABAEIMA) has been established to foster societal collaboration for smarter information management across built asset and environment.  The scope includes all man-made asset in the built environment, as well as all the natural environment on Planet Earth, embracing Sustainable Development Goals. As the Hong Kong Chapter of bSI, we drive digital transformation in line with global development, with full realization of the societal, environmental and economic benefits of open sharable infrastructure and building asset information into commercial and institutional processes worldwide. We strive to enable reliable, sharable project information to support seamless collaboration amongst all project participants, with a view to improving the value achieved from investments in built asset and enhancing opportunity for growth and sustainability.