Calls for Participation

buildingSMART International offers opportunities for community participation in key projects through periodic Calls for Participation.  These offer industry experts the opportunity to contribute to the development of new solutions and standards to be formally adopted by buildingSMART and industry.

Being part of a bSI project can help shape your industry and ensure your needs are met and views represented.  By contributing to your industry, you can help ensure the alignment of your company’s goals, requirements, products, and services.  Be a leader in defining what the future will be by shaping and defining the standards that your industry relies on.   For more information about participation, please contact us. 

openBIM for HV Power - Defining openBIM-based Workflows and Exchanges for High Voltage Power Transmission and Distribution Projects: Call for Participation and Sponsorship. With the extension of the IFC schema (IFC4.3) to include more built environment assets and related life cycle concepts in the planning, design, procurement, construction, and operation of transportation infrastructure, there is also increased interest in addressing utility infrastructure such as electrical power generation, long-distance transmission, and local distribution up to the point of service for a stationary asset or component (e.g. an office building, a residence, a train station, an airport, etc). A bSI activity proposal has been submitted that addresses examining the technical requirements of high-voltage electrical power transmission and distribution data modeling and exchange to be included in the bSI standards and solutions. Read More

Fire Safety Engineering – Call for Project Sponsorship.  While BIM has become the standard platform for integrated digital design, the lack of fire safety engineering data standards and tools means that data loss occurs frequently between design & review stages and Open, standard tools, can’t be built to connect the BIM workflow.

The purpose of the Project is to incorporate fire and life safety definitions into the IFC standards to maintain design & analysis data at all stages in an open, connected, digital workflow….where 3D models, calculations, and reviews can be integrated into the “golden thread”. Read More

Regulatory Information Requirements.This project brings together regulatory interests worldwide to add “Regulatory Information Requirements” to the scope of the ISO 16759 IFC standard and ISO12006-3 data dictionary resources. The ISO 19650 series of standards are being globally adopted. However, the need for information to be supplied to regulators is not subject to the same framework of preparation and negotiation.

The purpose is to ensure the buildingSMART IFC standard meets the common needs for building regulation. Read More

Construction Domain Survey. The Construction Domain is focusing on definitive, practical Use Cases using openBIM® and open standards in the construction industry. The aim is to improve: 

  • digital understanding 
  • collaboration (to establish a complete data workflow between all stakeholders)
  • model-based estimation
  • digital scheduling
  • digital work preparation and progress reporting 
  • digital workflows to supersede traditional “paper-based”
  • environment. Read More

Airport Entities - Call for Sponsorship.  Airports are complex and varied. They consist of a wide variety of assets such as buildings, terrain, utilities, installations, infrastructure, roads and much more. They also include a range of networks such as electrical and water, and critical domains such as security and fire safety, which all have different information needs throughout the different phases of an airports’ lifecycle. This complexity requires airports to be agile, innovative, and aligned to ensure CAPEX and OPEX are maximized and optimized. Airports around the world are managed and governed by many different organizations, from authorities to private enterprises. They are also governed by strict regulations and must comply with international and national jurisdictions. Because of their similarity and remit to move passengers around the world, airports share technical standardization needs related to their capital development and in operation and maintenance phases. Read More

Facilities Management and openBIM – Call for Sponsorship. There is a growing need to make information produced by AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) firms more interoperable and accessible over the lifetime of an asset. The need to ensure data is open and usable for Facilities Management (FM) during operations and maintenance is becoming an industry imperative. Facility Managers know that having available real-time information on the status of built assets would decrease failure costs and simplify services and processes while increasing real estate value. Today, it is commonly known that AEC firms and Facility Managers do not use shared Information Requirements (IR) protocols, Information Delivery Manuals and Handover (IDM/H) and standardized Common Data Environments (CDE), making automation of the process for revision of data and geometry by FM .. Read More