Information Delivery Specifications (IDS)

An Information Delivery Specification (IDS) is a computer interpretable document that defines the Exchange Requirements of model based exchange.

It defines how objects, classifications, materials, properties, and even values need to be delivered and exchanged. This is often done based on Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) and additional classifications, materials and properties (national agreements or company specific ones; either stored in bSDD or somewhere else).

This is the standard to use to define your Level of Information Needs (CEN term), your Exchange Information Requirements (ISO 19650 term) or even to exchange Product Data Templates with some more details.

IDS brings validation of IFC to the client, the modeller and the software tools that perform (automated) analyses. It is a core component that can be used as a contract to deliver the correct information ("Model as a legal document"). It holds the ability to create localised and use-case specific requirements for your projects and asset portfolio.

The IDS standard is the solution for predictable and reliable data exchange workflows.

Technical information can be found on our GitHub page.