Membership and Benefits

At buildingSMART International (bSI), we believe in the transformative power of open data standards and digital collaboration. As a global community of industry leaders, experts, and innovators, we are dedicated to driving digital transformation in the way we design, construct, and maintain the built environment.

By becoming a member of bSI, you gain access to a global network of professionals and a wealth of other benefits that empower you to help shape the future of our industry. Examples include the following:

Shape the future 

  • Global industry leadership: Join a prestigious international community of some of the most influential minds in project delivery and asset management for the built environment. As a member, you can actively contribute to thought leadership working groups, ensuring your organization's voice is heard on a global scale.
  • Influence industry standards and policy: Play an active role in shaping industry policy, advocating for open standards that align with your organization's vision and priorities. As a member of bSI, your organization will have the opportunity to help shape new standards, impact policies and regulations and be at the forefront of applying best practices.

Gain competitive advantage

  • Access to new technology: Stay at the forefront of openBIM® by gaining early access to innovative software tools, online services, and research projects. Membership in bSI gives you a competitive edge, enabling you to implement openBIM workflows to drive your projects to success.
  • Knowledge and resources: Access a wealth of resources, educational materials, and research reports that will keep you informed about the latest trends, best practices, and case studies in how to apply open standards to improve productivity, profitability, and sustainability.
  • Learn and develop: bSI offers continuous learning opportunities through webinars, workshops, and professional certifications. Provide openBIM knowledge and professional development to your staff and supply chain as a member of bSI.
  • Maximize the benefits with openBIM: Harness the power of openBIM to unlock efficiencies and maximize business benefits for a more sustainable and productive future. Engage with initiatives that directly impact your organization, paving the way for optimized digital workflows.

Enhance your reputation

  • Brand awareness: Promote your brand on a global scale by ensuring your organization is at the front and centre of openBIM development, adoption, and use.
  • International credibility: Being associated with bSI lends credibility to your organization and projects. Leverage the buildingSMART brand to showcase your commitment to excellence, open collaboration, and advanced digital practices, attracting potential clients and investors.
  • Social value: Demonstrate your commitment to tackling the global challenges of sustainability and productivity through membership of and contributions to this dedicated non-profit network.
  • Global networking opportunities: Forge valuable connections with professionals, organizations, and governmental bodies from around the world. bSI's events, conferences, and working groups offer unparalleled networking opportunities, allowing you to collaborate, share ideas, and explore potential partnerships on an international stage.

Join bSI today and become an integral part of a forward-thinking community that is revolutionizing the built environment through digital collaboration, innovation, and open standards. Together, let us shape the future of construction to make buildings smarter, more sustainable, and more connected than ever before.

Membership BenefitsStandardMultinationalPrincipalStrategic
Organization logo on the bSI website
Organization description on bSI website
Access to exclusive membership portal on Sharefile
Link to your organisation's website
Exclusive use of bSI Logo
Promote your company news through the RSS feed
Project participation
Room steering committee access
Standards committee voting rights
buildingSMART membership in one Chapter
One webinar per year on the bSI platform
Provide blog content on the buildingSMART website
Use of bSI approved case studies
buildingSMART membership in additional four Chapters
Voting rights on the SCTE
Logo and description on homepage
Two free passes per bSI Summits
Company logo on the bSI newsletter
Participation at SAC (strategic advisory council) meetings
Enhanced standards committee voting rights
Cost in Euro€ 15,000€ 40,000€ 60,000€ 100,000



The cost of membership can be viewed as followed:

Strategic                        €100K
Principal                        €60K
Multinational Large   €40K
Multinational Small   €20K
Standard Large            €15K
Standard Small            €8K

Companies with more than 250+ employees qualify as 'Large' and companies with less than 250 employees qualify as 'Small'.

If you would like a copy of our membership agreement, it can be downloaded here:

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