Upcoming Webinars

How being open creates value

Date: Thursday 7th September
Time: 14:00 p.m. (CEST)

Speaker: Håvard Brekke Bell

What if doing something great meant opening our minds and learning from each other? Join the next webinar co-hosted by bSI and Catenda to learn more about being open in the AECOO industry.

During this webinar, Håvard Brekke Bell (Founder and CSO at Catenda) will share his vision on openness in building and infrastructure projects, and how it can create value for the entire industry.

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • What does it mean to be open
  • What are the benefits
  • How it helps create value
web Webinar BSI Catenda

On-demand Webinars

How openBIM enables Infrastructure design and construction

Date: Wednesday, July 26th 2023

Speakers: Marc Goldman, Marek Suchoki and David Alvarez

Esri and Autodesk collaborate to exchange best practices and foster innovation in the field of Infrastructure. Their partnership extends to a wide range of topics, including openBIM methodologies. Together, they work towards refining and enhancing the process of BIM and GIS, ensuring interoperability and collaboration between their software systems. By sharing their expertise, Esri and Autodesk enable professionals in the infrastructure sector to leverage the power of geospatial data and 3D modelling, resulting in more efficient and sustainable project outcomes. Their combined efforts push the boundaries of infrastructure design and implementation, leading to advancements that benefit industries worldwide.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Status on Esri and Autodesk platforms regarding import and export IFC data
  • Best practices of working with openBIM in GIS and BIM environments
  • openBIM Interoperability between leading geospatial and design applications
  • Hear customer proof-points on how they have implemented best practices

How to implement bSDD and IDS with Plannerly: A Step-by-Step Guide

Date: Thursday, May 26 2023

Join Clive and Akos, Co-founders of Plannerly, and check out their Step-by-Step Guide!

They cover the following topics:
• What is bSDD and IDS?
• Why should you use them for your BIM projects?
• How do you implement bSDD and IDS with Plannerly?
• Best practices on getting started.

At the end of this session, you will gain a better understanding of how bSDD and IDS can help your team collaborate more effectively.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to simplify your BIM implementation process.

Speakers: Clive Jordan and Akos Hamar

Masterclass: ZOOM in on IDS

Date: Wednesday, May 10th 2023

IDS is a standard that is finally finding its way to a broader audience. I am in the front row of that audience and I will show you what IDS is. What it does and how it works. From the perspective of a modeller, not a programmer. I create building models full of information. In this presentation, I will show you how IDS helps me control that information. How it saves me time while being more accurate than two, or even four, human eyes. Join me and learn about all the facets of IDS so you can start using it too.

Speaker: Menno Mekes

openBIM for the energy performance of historical buildings in the MED area

1. Introduction of the speakers and the BEEP partners
2. What is the role of buildingSMART International (Aidan Mercer)
3. Which services buildingSMART International provides to support openBIM in any country in the world (Céline Bent)
4. How to design a national roadmap to promote openBIM in a country (Anna Moreno)
5. buildingSMART Professional Certification in Italy: present and future step (Lorenzo Nissim)
6. Brief introduction of the two guidelines on energy performance and BIM, published by IBIMI, and the energy performance and BIM qualification (Anna Moreno)
7. BIM-based processes for energy improvement of built heritage, BEEP and TECH-START projects (Elena Gigliarelli, Filippo Calcerano)
8. Q&A


Aidan Mercer, Céline Bent, Anna Moreno, Lorenzo Nissim, Elena Gigliarelli, Filippo Calcerano

Accelerating the Virtual Reality Workflow through openBIM with Vrex and BricsCAD

Discover the new collaboration between BricsCAD BIM and Vrex to improve the model exchange workflow, enabling users to create detailed models in BricsCAD BIM and export to the Vrex Virtual Reality (VR) platform with minimal effort.

Learn how Vrex and BricsCAD BIM leverage the openBIM standards IFC and BCF to deliver a fluent collaborative workflow from design to coordination.

This enhanced workflow enables architecture, engineering, construction, and operations companies to streamline collaboration between the multiple stakeholders working together on a project in a VR environment.


Ruben Decuypere, Rune Vandli, Chris Keyack

ifcSpatialZone: Intermediate Expert Panel and Call for Participation

During this webinar, the team delivered a short insight into the project and presented some interactive questions, following the agenda below:

Greeting and welcome from bSI and the project
Introduction of the project team
Project overview with Interactive Questions (online interactive survey)
Call for Expert Panel participation and for Sponsorship

In conversation with COBie founder Dr Bill East

Watch back this virtual drop-in session with COBie founder Dr. Bill East, Chair of buildingSMART International COBie Certification Subcommittee, Director of the COBie Academy, and Founder of Prairie Sky Consulting.

Do you practice COBie on your projects? Are you looking for some expert guidance on how to maximize your use of COBie? Bill answered questions from the audience and gave personalized advice in this hour-long drop-in session.

GIS and openBIM drive innovation, communication and success for Skanska

Join GIS and BIM leaders from Skanska UK whose use of openBIM and GIS drives innovation, improves communication and leads to success on some of England’s largest infrastructure projects. Hear the story behind the project and learn where IFC is being used in Tender, Design and Construction on HS2 and Highways England RDP.

The complexity of these linear infrastructure projects, the environmental impact of the construction and operation, and the sizes of projects require the input and collaboration of a large team of design and geospatial experts.

This session highlighted how Skanska’s approach to openBIM and their use of GIS lead to successfully making available many types of data and brought value to all teams and stakeholders.

The webinar introduced an integrated approach leveraging GIS and openBIM, showing how together they improve digital delivery and productivity. Using specific project examples, Skanska’s leaders explained how streamlining workflows between BIM software was accomplished with IFC data as a key to the approach. You will leave this session understanding how maximizing GIS and BIM expands value to all technical and non-technical teams throughout the lifecycle of the infrastructure.


Dr Anita Soni - Deputy Head of BIM, Skanska Infrastructure & SCS Railways

George Floros PhD(c), MSc., MEng. - GIS Lead – Infrastructure, Skanska UK

Marc Goldman - Director - AEC Industry Solutions, Esri

Supporting COBie Implementation

Watch this virtual event as it guides you through the process of COBie implementation. Listen to our a panel of COBie specialists, not just those who have worked within the COBie environment, but specialists who are in a small, elite group of COBie Certified Professionals™.

COBie Founder and Chair of the buildingSMART International COBie Certification Subcommittee, Dr Bill East leads the discussion with Emma Hooper, John Ford and Shawn O’Keeffe – all of whom are practicing COBie at its highest level.

The panel focuses on the five delivery steps of: People, Partners, Stakeholders, Process and Technology – looking at each step in turn and who is responsible for their effective implementation. The panel breaks down what this means for all across the supply chain and how this brings about project efficiencies


Dr Bill East, Chair, buildingSMART International COBie Certification Subcommittee and Founder of Prairie Sky Consulting

Emma Hooper, Digital Information Specialist, Bond Bryan

John Ford, Group BIM & Digital Delivery Lead, Galliford Try

Dr Shawn O’Keeffe, CTO, Chief Scientist, and Co-founder at BIM & Scan Ltd

BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) 3.0

Learn about the latest version of BCF 3.0 from the team and find out how this industry service is helping improve collaboration on projects.


a) What is BCF? How does it work in practical workflows? (Frank Weiss)

b) What are the new features/issues fixed in version 3.0? (Yoram Kulbak and Pasi Paasiala)

c) Overview of how this fits into a broader picture of API developments and buildingSMART Solutions (Léon van Berlo)

d) Where to find informational material, e.g. videos, documentation, examples, etc. (Aidan Mercer)

e) Questions

Bricsys: Bringing automation to the OpenBIM workflow

The promise of OpenBIM is a considerable efficiency gain in the construction phase. By “building virtually” we avoid mistakes on the construction site, hence reducing costs, timing issues, etc.
But what about designers, architects and engineers? Creating detailed and data-rich BIM models is often considered to be a labor-intensive task, but it doesn’t need to be.

Automation, leveraging the power of AI and Machine Learning, can relieve designers from the repetitive and laborious tasks it takes to get from a first sketch, to a full-blown data-rich BIM model, ready for IFC export.
Think automatic classification, AI-supported increase of LOD and more.

In this webinar you will learn about:
• How AI-algorithms can remove the laborious manual work in your design workflow
• How IFC-models can be used in a design-first workflow
• How the OpenBIM workflow can benefit from automation tools for classification, detailing and data integrity
• Increasing the LOD of your model with AI tools that automatically apply the right connection type to the correct nodes


Ruben Decuypere, Chi-Yan Tang

‘Open House’ on the Role of open Standards for Regulators

The buildingSMART Regulatory Room hosted the first of a series of ‘Open House’ sessions planned to occur in-between the biannual buildingSMART Summits. ‘Open House’ will showcase the work of the Regulatory Room and pick up a particular theme, starting with ‘The Role of Open Standards for Regulators’, to introduce the benefits and opportunities that digitalisation can offer to Regulatory Agencies. Attendees are encouraged to question and challenge the speakers.


Nicholas Nisbet, Franco Coin

Digital Feedback Loops: How to Track Integrated Engineering Change in AEC Projects Without the Heavy Lift

The software engineering discipline has figured out how to bring solutions to market quickly by iterating with end-users. Agile methods focus on accomplishing the outcomes desired by the end-user and place emphasis on the “outside-in” perspective. Learn about

  • How digital twin approaches can deliver digital feedback loops
  • Integrating engineering change into digital feedback loops
  • How to perform a design review or clash inspection whenever you chose to
  • Reducing the manual work related to design reviews
  • How digital twins empower engineers
  • iModels and their role in consuming IFC data


Pavan Emani, Bentley Systems

The Digital Supply Chain in Built Environment (DSCiBE)

The Digital Supply Chain in Built Environment (DSCiBE) team is pleased to announce that registration for the next online workshop is now open. This is the 8th workshop since its launch in March 2019.

Following on from the successful workshops in 2019, the teams from bSI, GS1, Cobuilder and IBM are pleased to share further insights and key topics that relate to digital supply chains in the built environment.

Watch it now!

Demystifying Digital Twins

Digital twins are on the rise. Increasingly this concept of connecting the physical and digital world, is adopted as the next step in digital transformation. In this presentation we give an introduction to the concept of digital twins, the way they can be supportive in business decisions and share concrete examples across the life cycle and from multiple sectors.


Bart Brink, Royal Haskoning

Bringing AEC Information into a Geospatial Context

Join buildingSMART International and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for the first of two Webinars on integrating AEC and Geospatial workflows, technical objectives, success stories and community best practices involving key domains in Geo-BIM.


Maya Tryfona, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Adam Rendek VueOps/DPR & bSI Chair Airport Room
Mats Kahlström, NGI
Edward De Wit, the City of Den Haag
Gert-Jan Groenewoud, Studioschaeffer

Modelling Resilience through Digital Twinning

Join buildingSMART International and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for the second of two Webinars on how digital twins can deliver more resilience through better AEC modeling and GIS information management. In this Webinar, hear from speakers from:

  • OYO Corporation
  • Meta Moto
  • City of Rotterdam


Richard Simpson, Meta Mota
Hiro Shima, OYO Corporation
Louis Smit, City of Rotterdam
Christian Veldhuis, City of Rotterdam

Digital openBIM Workflows in an Integrated BIM Environment

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Overview of international openBIM standards;
  • Importance and possibilities of openBIM environment;
  • Significance of machine-readable data, metadata quality assurance, and automated metadata checking;
  • Integrated 3D/4D/5D BIM workflows and examples of openBIM software interoperability;
  • Intelligent 4D/5D BIM planning and progress monitoring
  • Project Management and collaboration using CDE according to ISO 19650;
  • And much more...

Benchmarking the Current Status, Expectations and Goals of BIM Utilization at Railways in the Nordics and Central Europe

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Rail infrastructure companies
  • The general conditions and requirements for BIM
  • BIM utilisation at the railway companies
  • The biggest challenges in asset management
  • Key success factors of BIM for the railways
  • Important messages from the rail industry
  • And much more...

Autodesk BIM Interoperability Tools

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Discover ways to automatically check all your models for compliance with BIM requirements; See how to build your own model checks; Learn about dashboards that visually display characteristics of your models
  • See how you can quickly apply classification data from multiple systems such as Uniclass, OmniClass, UniFormat, and MasterFormat; Discover how you can quickly apply IFC classes as well as build your own “picklists” of data values to populate your models
  • Learn how models can be setup to work with and export COBie data
  • See how you can get free utilities for Revit to help you with all of these BIM deliverable requirements
  • And much more...

Bluebeam & buildingSMART: Why open standards are so important

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • How Bluebeam can help the AEC industry throughout the full project lifecycle - from the initial design stage to project handover
  • How working from one file format enables multiple workflows and facilitates real-time collaboration
  • The state of the Industry in relation to UK Government BIM Mandate
  • Why driving standards across the Construction Industry is important to Bluebeam & our commitment to open standards
  • And much more...

An Introduction to buildingSMART standards

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Some of the main standards developed by buildingSMART
  • How you can leverage some of the standards
  • The benefits of using standards
  • And much more...

Measuring BIM Maturity Within an Organisation

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Recognising the value of assessing your organisation's BIM maturity
  • Some of the free tools that are available
  • An introduction to the BIMprofiler
  • And much more...

The Pontsteiger Project - Setting a new standard for Construction

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The importance of BIM agreements
  • How IFC is essential for model coordination
  • How collaboration in BIM was stimulated by using BCF
  • The effectiveness of prefabrication using openBIM
  • How to deliver a complex construction project using open standards
  • And much more...


In this second video, Jeffrey Truijens of Dura Vermeer discusses how they used IFC and developed the BIM Basic IDM.

Find out how:

  • Dura Vermeer needed to develop a new strategy for the project
  • How they engaged with industry experts
  • Developed a new methodology

Digital Transformation of the Built Asset Industry

You will learn about:

  •   The international Standards Program
  •   Current projects and their progress
  •   What has been delivered
  •   Who is driving transformation
  •   How to get involved
  •   And much more...

Federated and linked approach to BIM Data Management and BIM based workflow in construction

The focus in BIM has been on data creation so far, but is currently shifting to data consumption.
But how this consumption is going to happen and be incorporated in the overall construction workflow is still unclear.
In this webinar, BIM Ambassador Leif Granholm from Trimble presents a concept on how that can be done in the framework of the current construction industry without any big disruption of current practices and structures in the industry.
Contrary to previous beliefs, transitioning from human readable documents to machine readable data can and needs to happen gradually for people to learn the new technology needed. Using machine readable data to specify contracts is needed for automation and mechanization to advance in the industry.

Leif Granholm - BIM Ambassador at Trimble