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The buildingSMART Digital Twins Working Group (DTWG)

About the group

The buildingSMART Digital Twins Working Group was formed in February 2020 when a group of industry experts came together to work on a positioning paper that was delivered in May 2019. This group aimed to define what digital twins are and what role an industry body such as buildingSMART International can have. The group wanted to form strategic alignment to better unlock social, environmental, and societal value for the entire built asset industry. This included the development of an ecosystem of digital twins.

A Definition of Digital Twins:

“A digital twin (DT) - also referred to as digital shadow, digital replica or digital mirror - is a digital representation of a physical asset. Linked to each other, the physical and digital twin regularly exchange data throughout the PBOD lifecycle and use phase. Technology like AI, machine learning, sensors and IoT allow for dynamic data gathering and right-time data exchange to take place”

Download the white paper - Enabling Digital Twins

About bSI

bSI believes the process of digital transformation in the built asset industry affects everyone. It is not limited to a few actors to shape the change required. On the contrary: no one player that can set the direction and speed of innovation. The interdependencies for everybody in the PBO-I lifecycle, spanning countries, cities, government authorities, asset owners, building project participants (designers, engineers and contractors), operators, standard setting bodies, and citizens are complex. Key to this interplay is standardisation as well as simplification. This approach has been proven successful in many other industries and it needs to be applied to the built asset industry.


About the members of the group

The group is made up of existing members of buildingSMART International, invited guests or academic professionals who are closely aligned to developing solutions and standards. There are also members of bSI staff and an appointed leader. Read the story here.